Two thousand bikers including Vhembe Bikers, Viper MCC, Ven Riders and flocked to Sun Meropa Casino and entertainment over the weekend to attend the 13th annual Sapa Yopa Motorcycle Club Memorial run.

The City of Stars come to a standstill when the Bikers roared their bikes from Sun Meropa Casino and entertainment to Seshego Circle Centre.

Sapa Yopa President, Pico Santana said he was happy that the bikers adhere to the number expected during the 13th Memorial Run.

“This was the 13th anniversary, and we believe that as a team we have a responsibility to be leaders in our community. Our efforts are far reaching and so too is our influence, with great power comes great responsibility, we acknowledge this and take it upon ourselves to serve the community. Being a hero to your community signifies a presence which is the catalyst for good, spreading good deeds as well as leadership. When you do good, you inspire better, hence our motto of using power and influence wisely, boldly and kindly to better the lives of those who suffer through no fault of their own,” said Santana.

Viper MCC president Dollar Makuya said attending 13th annual Sapa Yopa Motorcycle Club Memorial run was so refreshing.

“We make sure that we support Sapa Yopa every year on their rally, as they support us during our rally every year,” said Makuya.