Tawanda Matyamare from Thohoyandou P-East, Thulamela is a yellow belt holder from Takalani Karate Center in Muledane but aiming for Black.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Matyamare said he started training last year around October and put all his effort into karate.

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The 40-year-old said he worked throughout even though sometimes he was disturbed by COVID-19 but he was progressing.

“I want to see myself reaching the stage of owning two black belts, and after I’ve reached my goal, I would like to train other people. I have a desire to open my own gym after acquiring the necessary skills from the Takalani Karate Center.

“Karate doesn’t only teach you to defend yourself, it also teaches you the character of control, adequacy, and morals. When I was very young, my father back in Zimbabwe used to take me to watch karate, from then I started to develop the desire to train the karate, but I didn’t get a chance to train in Zimbabwe, when I came here to South Africa my desire of training karate comes back and join Takalani Karate Center,” said Matyamare.

Tawanda Matyamare aims for a Black Belt
Tawanda Matyamare


He said martial arts is a practice that endows one with a sense of discipline and the skills to defend oneself.

“I have learned that karate is not only a sport, but also a way of life. Karate teaches a person discipline as well as respect. You do not only consider your sensei as your teacher but also as a mentor who teaches you a way of life,” he said.

He says starting training at the age of 39 wasn’t difficult for him because karate is the sport he likes most.

“Age is just a number, I put more effort into my daily training and get instruction from sensei, it makes my training easier every day. I have three kids and all of them have bought karate kits and I want them to start training.

“I know in this sport they won’t go wrong in terms of learning morals. Karate teaches people to refrain from violent behaviours. Not to get involved in the wrong things,” he concludes.