A Limpopo man from Luthuli Park, who was involved in a shootout with police in Polokwane, was found dead.

Two men were traveling in a Toyota Corolla on Friday morning. They were allegedly on the way from Mahlasedi Park to Luthuli Park, to purchase bullets when they were intercepted by police, said Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) spokesperson Grace Langa.

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“After seeing the police vehicle, they drove off [at] high speed, where the police gave chase. During the chase, the passenger of the vehicle started shooting at the police, and the police retaliated,” said Langa.

Polokwane man involved in a shootout with police found dead
Polokwane Street

Once the car came to a stop, the passenger fled into a bushy area while still shooting at police. Police were unable to track the man.


The driver was taken in for questioning. On Saturday morning, police received a report from a community member regarding a body in the area.

Police responded to the scene, and found it was the man who had fled the day before. He was identified as a 37-year-old man from Luthuli Park.

Shootouts between Criminals are rare in Polokwane. But there have been one or two incidents involving drug dealers.