The Mankweng Regional Court, sentenced a 31-year-old man from Toronto, Limpopo to two life imprisonment terms for the rape of two minor neighbours. The name of the accused is concealed to protect the victims. Incidents occurred in September 2017, when the accused lured the minor children who were playing in the street.

The accused would call them into the house, with the promise of giving them money. The minors would follow him into the room, and he would undress them before raping them.

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He would give them R10.00 after the incident and warn them not to tell anyone. The first victim, was 11 years old at the time and was raped on 01 September 2017. She only told her mother after 10 days and the matter was reported to the police.

The second victim was raped on 15 September 2017, she was coming from school when the accused called her into the house and raped her. She also reported the incident to her mother, after a few days and a case was also opened.

During the trial, the accused pleaded not guilty to both charges. The state represented by Adv. Makgomothi Masehela had to prove the case to link the accused person to the offence.

The J88s were handed in to corroborate the evidence of the doctors, who testified about the injuries the victims sustained throughout their ordeal.

The state-led evidence of six witnesses including the two doctors. There was no DNA evidence, as the matters were reported to the police late, which was a challenge to the state. Victims were very young when the offences were committed and they had to testify with the assistance of the court intermediary.


The Victim Impact Reports by the Probation Officer showed that the first victim struggles to fall asleep. She experiences nightmares, shouting the accused’s name.

She became reluctant to go to school after the incident, and had a sudden change of behaviour towards her brother as well as becoming disrespectful towards family members.

The second victim’s school performance dropped slightly, after the incident as she loses concentration easily. She became aggressive towards fellow learners at school until she received Psychologist assistance at Thuthuzela Care Centre.

The Pre-Sentence report for the accused was also handed in by the state. Which recommended that the accused must be sentenced to life imprisonment for both counts. The Presiding Officer Mr Fanie Reynolds could not find any compelling circumstances, to deviate from the minimum sentences act. Condemned the accused to life imprisonment for each count of rape and ordered that sentence run concurrently.