It was a joyous celebration at Greenside Primary, outside Polokwane on Monday when the school welcomed home Matsobane Maeta (12) who recently played in the Baseball World Cup.

Maeta was one of the players in the South African U/12 Baseball World Cup.

According to the Greenside Primary School principal, Dr Tshebedi Morifi, the school is so grateful for Matsobane Maeta after he represented the school globally in the Baseball World Cup U/12.

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“We have learned that there is nothing possible in life. Where there is a wheel there is a way. Our background didn’t defy who we are and what we should become. We can always go beyond our background. We are so proud of our boy and hope that he will continue to make us proud. I believe that he will continue working hard because he doesn’t know when he is going to get his breakthrough,” said Morifi.

Greenside primary honour one of their own
Greenside primary Leaners


Matsobane Maeta who played for Greenside Eagles Baseball Team said the team played well but unfortunately, they didn’t win any games.

“It was hard because we were in an environment that we are not used to. Most of the players we were competing with were taller than us. It gave them the advantage to beat us. Staying three weeks in Taiwan makes me realize that this is the country that the athletes need to visit so that we could be familiar with their environment. During my stay in Taiwan, it was hard because I was missing my family all the time,” said Maeta.

Matsobane Maeta welcomed
Matsobane Maeta welcomed

Pietersburg Educational Circuit, assistant director, Tladi Nthara, this is one of its kind celebrations.

“It is the first time we are celebrating or congratulating an athlete that represented the country abroad. Especially in the sport. Previously we would have learners who are representing the circuit or their schools in exchange programs as well as debate, competition and collaboration with other departments. This time it was one of its kind. A sporting child is a disciplined child and we believe that in each and every child there is a talent. Once that talent has been identified we want them to continue with it, and get support either from schools and communities as well as their parents need to support them,” said Nthara.