Actor and Limpopo comedian Ntambudzeni Rasendedza, Bundu (40), of Lwamondo village, was sentenced to 10 years of direct imprisonment, by Sibasa Regional Court.

The accused is a well-known comedian of Tshovhilingana, and the community knows him as “Bundu”. He was convicted on a count of attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The first incident happened in August 2019. “Bundu” assaulted his girlfriend with a wooden stick and electric cable. He further dripped the burning plastic all over her body and locked her inside his house for two weeks. He also gave her a bucket which she used when she wants to release herself outside Makhado.

Limpopo comedian Bundu sentenced

The second incident happened when they were coming from a party. The accused hit the victim with a big stone and broke her leg, and further tore up her clothes and left her naked. Bundu pleaded not guilty. He denied that he burnt the victim, he told the court that the victim burned herself and further fell and broke her leg.

Ten years imprisonment

In aggravating the sentence, the Regional Prosecutor argued that the offence was serious. They prevalent in the court‘s area of jurisdiction. The prosecutor further told the court that the accused should be sentenced to direct imprisonment, to send out a clear message to would-be offenders.

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