History was made on Saturday at Sun Meropa in Polokwane during the 10th annual talk of the town Kofifi Dance Movement. The movement brought live performances for the first time in the history of the event. 

Legendary musician, Freddy Gwala graced the Kofifi Dance Movement Party revellers and Sepedi singer Motlanalo.

Over 500 old-school cars, vintage fashion and Kofifi sounds lovers also flocked to Meropa Casino Conference Center for the event in the City of Stars.


According to the event organizer, Fortune DJ Cappuccino Maswanganyi, the event was also the best they ever had. 

“People come from different provinces to have fun. This is by far the best Kofifi Dance Party event we’ve had. It lived up to its expectation since it was the 10th Annual Party. The performances from the Vintage Gurus, Motlanalo and Freddie Gwala were magnificent. The DJs kept it real and old school, DJ Norman, Matsobane, Ike Nthite, Cappuccino and Scotch. We saw a really great number of old and younger people who came to the event for the first time. The production was state of the art and we emphasised the lighting and visuals to set the mood,” said Maswanganyi.

Kofifi Dance Movement Party
Kofifi Dance Movement Party


Freddy Gwala said being invited to perform at the Meropa Casino Conference Center, Kofifi Dance Movement Party shows respect and love from Kofifi Dance Movement Party. “Although I don’t get as many invites from Limpopo, it makes me glad that the Kofifi Dance Movement Party sees me as a legend and invited me to perform. I was so humbled by the people of Limpopo for booking me and coming to perform for them. My fans are also very important to me, I gave my extraordinary performance,” said Gwala.

He then said he is going to produce more music for his fans. The Kofifi event is also held annually at the Meropa Casino in Polokwane.