A convoy transporting Deputy President, David Mabuza has been involved in a car accident resulting in the death of one of his bodyguards in Mpumalanga.


It is uncertain at the moment whether Mabuza was present at the time of the accident. The vehicle the bodyguards were traveling in experienced a burst tyre, causing the car to roll over.

This is also the second time the Deputy President’s motorcade has been involved in an accident. In July two of the vehicles in the motorcade collided in Midrand. However Mabuza was not in either of the vehicles.


In a statement, the National Commissioner of the SAPS, General Fannie Masemola has also sent his condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased member. He also wished the injured members a speedy recovery.


“The SAPS confirms that at about 10:30 on Sunday, 20 November 2022. The deputy president’s motorcade was travelling between Mpumalanga and Gauteng when one of the back-up vehicles’ tyres burst, causing the vehicle to roll over,” the statement read.

“The management of the SAPS are saddened by the death of one of its members.”

A case of culpable homicide has also been registered at the Middleburg Police Station.

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