Police in Lephalale have opened an inquest following the death of a 5-year-old toddler who was left in a in scholar transport.

The toddler was reportedly left locked in the vehicle unnoticed.

According to the Tzaneen Voice, the driver of the transport took the kids from a Creche to an Aftercare centre.


Upon arrival at the Aftercare, the kids got out of the transport but the deceased remained without the driver noticing.

Toddler dies after being locked in scholar transport
Toddler dies after being locked in scholar transport

The driver then left the Aftercare and went to a local hotel in town (Lephalale), she locked the vehicle and left, waiting for the pickup time.

Around 15:00 she went to the vehicle to pick up the other shift of kids to take them home. But when opening the door of the vehicle she noticed the deceased lying down unconscious.


She rushed the child to the local clinic where he was certified dead.

The family of the child has since been notified. Police suspect that the 5-year-old might have died of a possible heat stroke given the recent temperatures in that area.