The Tzaneen regional court in Limpopo handed a 40 years imprisonment direct against a 26-year-old Donald Ngoveni.

The Court before passing the sentence, heard how the accused raped a 25-year-old lady in 2016 while he also committed robbery.


Donald was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment for raping a 25-year-old girl in 2016. Ten years imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances and ten years imprisonment for another robbery.

The culprit pleaded guilty for the three offences whilst his accomplice Lucky Mukansi is still undergoing trial for the same cases.

The duo remained in custody since they were traced and finally arrested in 2016-11-16 and 2016-11-17 respectively.

Investigating Officer Sergeant Khetate Enock Kgatla successfully opposed bail against Donald and Lucky.

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