A body of a three-year-old boy was retrieved from a pit toilet in Tshino Nditwani village, Vuwani in Vhembe District on Monday during the day.

According to the information the victim was last seen by his uncle on Sunday morning between 07h30 am and 08h30am. 

His disappearance led to the parents reporting the matter to Police. The hard working Search and Rescue Unit , joined by K9  Search Rescue Team.

Provincial Search and Rescue Unit, EMS and the local Police started with a search operation which culminated in this horrific discovery.

The Team Conducted a search focusing inside the victim’s yard . This after the K9 reacted in the vicinity of the pit toilet. The members then started digging the pit toilet after Conducting tests to determine what might be inside.

Young boy retrieved from pit toilet
Young boy retrieved from pit toilet


The body was subsequently found and was handed over to the local Police.

The Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has called upon Parents to be extremely cautious. Encouraging them to practice extra care to look after their children. 

Hadebe further hailed the high level of commitment as well as joint effort desplayed by K9 Search and Rescue, Provincial Search and Rescue, Local Police, EMS and Community members. 

“These kind of incidents can only be avoided if we as parents, exercise extra caution. Care and look after our children at all times,” concluded  Lieutenant General Hadebe.


IN 2021, the Limpopo High Court handed down judgment in favour of the Komape family. There was an order issued compelling the provincial administration to provide, within 90 days, a detailed list of all schools in the province with pit toilets along with plans to eradicate these.

Michael Komape was five years old when he drowned in a pit toilet at Mahlodumela Primacy School in Chebeng Village, outside Polokwane, on 20 January 2014.