Hundreds of fans ascended to the Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane on Thursday evening for the annual Mapungubwe Comedy Night.

The Mapungubwe Comedy Night forms part of the week long Mapungubwe Arts festival festivities. It ends with a massive Music Festival on Saturday.

The Mapungubwe Comedy Night has featured comedian spectacles such as Thabang ER, Salesman, Noko Mosoete, Just JB, Leisa la maisa, Mr Majo, Magezi, and Stiza The Comedian.

Salesman at Mapungubwe Comedy Night
Salesman at Mapungubwe Comedy Night

It was hosted by legendary comedian David Kau.


Kau said talent works in two ways, local comedians need support locally for anyone to know who they are.

“Whether they started as MCing, weddings, parties or school plays, and people thought you are funny, that’s the first step,” he said.

“The second step is we are living in a big country, with different people and different languages. Once you have done your homework in your province, then people need to know about you. The love was amazing, all the comedians brought the A-game performances,” he said.

Thabo-Mabotja-Ofhani Munyai Ramudzuli Raphalalani attending the Mapungubwe comedy night
Thabo-Mabotja, Ofhani Munyai and Ramudzuli Raphalalani attending the Mapungubwe comedy night

The event was also attended by amongst others MEC for Sport Nakedi Sibanda-Kekana and MEC FOR LEDET Rodgers Monama. 


Comedian Thabang Eugene Ramasenya said it feels so good to perform at home using vernacular languages.

“It was an honor to have the legendary comedian David Kau, who started this stand-up comedy a long time ago. Seeing a legendary like him automatically puts us on a map and it adds more value to the show as well.

“We also need the international act to be part of the Mapungubwe Comedy Night. So that it will boost the morale of the Comedy night and boost local comedians. I always try to push myself to take on new challenges because I know I was born to be on stage,” said Ramasenya.

“We have always loved making people laugh, even finding humor in serious topics. I had to fight my way through and make a mark on the industry while trying to make a career out of my talent.”