Suspects have been arrested after a truck loaded with groceries was hijacked on the N1 near Pienaarsrivier on Thursday night. 

The two suspects are believed to be part of a gang involved in truck hijacking syndicate operating in multiple provinces.


Their arrest groceries and traveling from Bela Bela towards the Gauteng province. It was forced to stop by suspects driving in a white Toyota Corolla before it could get on the N1 freeway north bound.

Two male suspects came out of the motor vehicle and forcibly removed the driver from the truck at gun point and into their own vehicle.

One of the suspects got into the truck which was then driven towards the N1 freeway south bound. It was escorted by his accomplices using a silver Ford Ranger and Toyota Corolla.

Truck Hijacked in Bela Bela
Truck Hijacked in Bela Bela

The local police were alerted about the incident and immediately called for backup.

They were also joined by members from Bela-Bela and Hammanskraal SAPS.

The hijacked truck was spotted near the Carousel Tollgate. When the police approached it, the occupants of the Ford Ranger started to shoot at the police. The Police retaliated forcing the Ford Ranger to a standstill under a hail of bullets.

The two suspects from the Ford Ranger were arrested and the third suspect who was driving the truck managed to escape after he ran into the nearby bushes on foot.

The suspects who were driving the other vehicle with the truck driver inside also managed to evade the arrest.

The driver was later dropped off around Tembisa in Gauteng province. 

The two arrested suspects aged 33 and 57 will soon appear in court facing charges ranging from attempted hijacking, malicious damage to property, attempted murder to possession of suspected stolen properties 

Manhunt for the remaining suspects continues