TOURISM – A 12-bed, Aviator Boutique Hotel situated in Hoedspruit, Maruleng Municipality in Limpopo has become one of the most attractive places to visit.  

The four-star graded hotel in a Boeing 737-200 is a brainchild of Martin den Dunnen and wife Tracy den Dunnen. 

Martin is a businessman of Hoedspruit in Mopani District who is also a pilot and property developer. He and Tracy had a dream, a will, and a passion to restore dignity to a retired airliner aircraft that habitually ends up in airport graveyards, doomed to rust away or to be chopped up as scrap metal.

Maruleng Municipality tourism attraction  

This dream became a reality in March 2019 when time, opportunity and passion collided and 

ZS-BIL was purchased, with the assistance of Riaan van Niekerk of CraftBespokeWorx. A 4 month preparation project ensued where BIL was prepared for safe transportation to Hoedspruit, where the rebuild and conversion would take place.

BIL departed from DENEL grounds on 5 May 2019 and traveled 9 days by road to Hoedspruit Limpopo.

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The rebuild ensued in full force once BIL arrived. It was an adventure to say the least, with no manual and no previous experience from which to draw from to light the way. But with the assistance and expertise of local and regional professionals, Aerotel stands today as a testimony of what willpower and passion can achieve, when coupled with a great team of like-minded individuals.

Aerotel  Boutique Hotel in Hoedspruit, Maruleng Municipality
Aerotel Boutique Hotel in Hoedspruit, Maruleng Municipality

Special thanks go to local artisans, professionals and suppliers – Hoedspruit Steel, Leopardo Electrical, BUCO, Otthillie Plumbing, ME Graphix, Glassplanet, DuPaint, Simply Sewing, Kuku, Designer Air, Tshukudu decking, Bushveld kitchens for going the extra mile and joining the journey through unchartered waters. and a COVID19 global pandemic.

Aviator Boutique Hotel Accommodation

The Aviator Boutique Hotel consists of six double rooms and can accommodate up to twelve guests at a time.

A queen-size bed inside at Aviator Boutique Hotel
A queen-size bed inside at Aviator Boutique Hotel

6 Luxury Rooms: Compact, double luxury rooms with each a queen-size bed, air-conditioned with an en-suite bathroom (spa shower only). Amenities include:

Nespresso and tea making facilities.

In room fridge

Laptop safe

High speed WiFi

Quality bathroom amenities.

No smoking facility.

Address: 1406 Zandspruit Boulevard, Zandspruit Commercial; off the R527, Hoedspruit

Prices range from From R3 500 per night, for 2 people

Limpopo Chronicle went on a tour of this Aviator Boutique Hotel together with the Limpopo Tourism Agency. Below is a GALLERY some of the pictures of the facility: