The death toll in Malawi has reportedly reached 447 with 282 residents missing and 400 000 people still displaced due to Cyclone Freddy. The Cyclone has had a huge impact in SADC countries. Specifically Madagascar and Malawi leading to the loss of many lives.

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has told the UK publication The Guardian that the tropical Cyclone will keep Malawi in poverty.


“This demonstrates that climate change issues are real. We are standing right in the path of it,” he told the publication.

Cyclone Freddy damages Malawi
Cyclone Freddy damages Malawi

Cyclone Freddy first occurred in Australia before travelling across the Indian Ocean. It settled in southeast Africa and has killed civilians across Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and now, Malawi.

It has also been dubbed one of the longest-lasting tropical cyclones ever recorded in history.

“We need everyone’s help and support for this tragedy to be mitigated,” said Chakwera

Meanwhile, Mozambique is now facing the rising threat of cholera after the flooding and damage to water infrastructure led to an increase in cases across eight provinces.

Cyclone Freddy destroys half of Malawi
Cyclone Freddy damages half of Malawi

The Mozambique National Institute of Disaster Risk Management (INGD) has also estimated the cyclone was responsible for the destruction of at least 1 500 classrooms. Over 134 000 pupils were also affected by the cyclone’s destruction.


The Limpopo government announced as early as February of their plans to deal with the Cyclone if it reaches the province. This is after the South African Weather Services forecast heavy rains in Vhembe and Mopani.

It was predicted that it would hit the two districts on Saturday and Sunday the 25 and 26 of February. But that didn’t happen.