In her 10 years journey in the Radio Industry, Kulani Hobyane affectionately known as Ms Kulie has worked for some of the popular stations in Limpopo. The 30-year-old is currently the co-host of the Saturday Breakfast show N’wayitelo wa Mughivela at SABC Radio Munghana Lonene FM. She works alongside the legendary Sydney Baloyi

Ms Kuli hails from Elim village outside Makhado in the Vhembe District. 


2023 marks 10 years on the radio for her and she is officially a year with Munghana Lonene FM. She joined the station following her departure at Limpopo’s only commercial Radio Capricorn FM. She also had a stint at Polokwane-based Community Radio Station Energy FM. 

“I am the producer of the music show Lathela with Mathilda Chauke and co-host of the Saturday Breakfast show N’wayitelo Wa Muqhivela,” said Kulie who initially joined the station as a producer of a 10pm-01:00 am, a nighttime talk show Gongomela with Risimati Kwinika. 

Ms Kulie's incredible 10-year journey in the Radio Industry 
Kulani Hobyane

“After an amazing 12 months of serving with incredible talent, I have been allowed to produce the mid-morning 9-12 pm slow Swa Risima with Khensani Nyango. This for me is a huge milestone to have made it to the day time slot after just a year.

“This meant my work as a producer showed how much I have grown as a radio professional. I have also retained my Saturday Breakfast spot where I will be co-hosting with the legendary Sydney Baloyi produced by the talented DJ Tectonik,” she explained. 


“It felt surreal, it was so hard not telling anyone about it since we were not allowed to disclose until the official announcement,” said Hobyane.

“I and Sydney Baloyi produced By DJ Tektonics have designed a Breakfast show that will make Saturday your new favorite day. Airing between 7-9 am, 2 hours will feel like 20 minutes with us on the wheel,” she boosted.

“We have introduced fun exciting features that we believe are what the time slot needs looking at our target audience and looking at what we both sat down and collaborated on.

“Bringing both My personality and Khensani on the show we plan to entertain, educate and give you an incomparable radio experience every Monday to Friday from 9-12 pm. This will be your next biggest radio addiction,” she said.

Ms Kulie's incredible 10-year journey in the Radio Industry 
Ms Kuli


“I always jokingly say this year is probably God making up for all the times things didn’t go well and am part of a team that values my efforts and recognises my strides.

“I have an incredible support system and leaders who always have a door open for one to learn. The pressure is there like any other job but this is the first time in my career and crazy because it’s after 10 that I am confident that I got this,” she explains.

She encourages young people to keep themselves up-to-date with current affairs so that they do not remain ignorant in a society where knowledge plays such an essential role.

“Youths need to take full responsibility for their own lives, or else they will live unfulfilled lives. Don’t ever think your dreams are too big or impossible, I know how cliche that sounds but I believed in my dreams so much and made everyday efforts to make them a reality.

“I am a strong believer in the manifestation of greatness in one’s life and match that with hard work and you’ll be unstoppable. I knew I wanted to be at the SABC by 30 and I was here before then, if that’s not proof I don’t know what it is. Keep working towards it and be your cheerleader,” she concludes.

You can catch Mungana Lonene on 89.4-103.2 MHz