Capricorn District Municipality (CDM), Limpopo partner with Santam Insurance, handed over firefighting and disaster management equipment to Phatlaphadima Special School and Polokwane Fire Station. This is to strengthen their capacity to fight fires and manage disasters.


The partnership began last year when the two parties signed a memorandum of collaboration to strengthen the CDM’s capacity to deal adequately with disasters.

It sees Santam providing support in disaster management by identifying disaster risks to protect lives, properties, and livelihoods.

This handover, therefore, comes as a fruit of that partnership to ensure that learners with special needs are insulated from disaster risks through joint prevention and mitigation efforts.

Phatlaphadima LSEN School is one of the 14 special schools that were identified for risk assessment. Capacity building, and other disaster management benefits.

According to Acting mayor, Onica Mogale, the idea was to showcase the fire-fighting capacity and resources that protect lives and properties.

Capricorn District Municipality partner with Santam Insurance
Capricorn District Municipality partner with Santam Insurance

“In February last year, we signed a memorandum of collaboration with Santam. We committed to take our fire-fighting and disaster management capacity to stronger heights and respond better to disasters.

“Today (Thursday), we are here reaping the fruit of that partnership. We are pleased that Santam is fulfilling its promise to invest in our initiatives and provide support,” said Mogale.


She said this partnership has, from day one availed resources that enabled CDM to deal adequately with disaster risks. Protect people’s lives and properties.

“We were at Phatlaphadima Special School at GaMashashane to put in place measures to prevent and mitigate the effects of disasters on the school and learners. This fire-fighting equipment and disaster management tools will therefore go a long way in reducing the impact of fires. In our homes and saving lives and properties.

“However, it remains the responsibility of our people not to start fires they can’t handle. We are pleased that this handover takes place at a time when we are commemorating fire-fighters Day. Which we observe every year to celebrate the strength of our firefighting capabilities and raise awareness about fires.”

She further said having new or upgraded, and well-maintained equipment can make a significant difference in the ability of firefighters to respond to emergencies safely and effectively.

“This equipment, therefore, demonstrates our commitment to their safety and to the safety of those who need help. When residents know that their government is well-equipped to respond. They feel more secure and have greater trust and confidence to call for an emergency during or after a disaster.”