It came as no surprise when Limpopo’s only commercial radio Station, Capricorn FM announced King Bash as the new host for the Capricorn Adventure show. Real name, Kabelo Motswi took over the 12-15:00 midweek slot from Itumeleng Banda who resigned last month. Bash is one of the most popular Djs in Limpopo and has been killing it, as they would say in the radio language, on his previous weekend slot.

The Hip Hop Dj and businessman began his radio journey in 2018. Amongst others, he has also shared the stage with American rapper Travis Scott during the Castle Lite unlocks event in Polokwane which took place in 2017.

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The listeners of the Capricorn Adventure show have welcomed Bash with open arms if the on-air reaction is anything to go by.

“That’s levels, if I may say it in slang terms,” he tells Limpopo Chronicle.

“It’s a different level because it exposes you to different opportunities. Not only for the station but for yourself to grow,” says Motswi in his new slot.

King Bash at one of his events   

“You meet new people and also find out the purpose of your doing prime time. You get to engage in different levels or different platforms in terms of mentally being on different levels.


“So it’s actually a great blessing to be where I am because I have only been in the game for four years. This is my fifth year and to get this promotion and also the station believing in my brand and believing in me to grow was nerve-racking in the beginning,” he added.

“Obviously, you can’t just dive into it like you have everything on lock. The first week that I was on air every single day showed that we will be on the right track.

“Thanks to Capricorn FM for believing in me as King Bash. Taking the risk, not everyone will be happy but that’s not what matters right now.”  

Motswi says he intends to see growth in both his brand and on a personal level. He is also part of the Team Winter Stock movement alongside Mabear, Deco, Rapelo Rathete. He is also the organiser of the popular Jean to Jean events in Polokwane. 

“It started as a joke because obviously I am a chubby guy so I am a winter stock market [he laughs].

“But we grow into these things and the way it has elevated itself into a brand is amazing. It has a clothing line, it has me as the face. We are also venturing into the studio to give young kids an opportunity.”

King Bash taking Capricorn FM's new Gig to another level
King Bash


“All I can say is that God is good. One thing I always live by is people will talk, people will believe that you don’t deserve certain things that you have.

“People will also believe that you are not supposed to get your blessings at your own time. Keep praying because there is nothing that will take you out of any situation if you don’t pay or work hard because those things do complement each other.

Believe in yourself. Believe in whatever you are trying to build, it might look like it will take long. Bit 10 years is nothing, trust me.”