Given Ngobeni wakes up every single day to go and make sure Nkowa-Nkowa motorists do not have a bumpy road when they drive to and from their respective workplaces.

The road which is under the Limpopo Public Works has been in bad condition for a long time. It is between the Bindzulani Crossing and the Nkowa-Nkowa entrance/exit.

Given Ngobeni: The Nkowa-Nkowa unsung hero
Given Ngobeni


The 38-year-old father of three dropped out of school in grade 10 due to the difficulties at home. Just like many black people. On a lucky day, Ngobeni makes up to R 700, but on a slow day, he is able to take home R 300 to support his family. This is from tips from the motorists who show gratitude for his efforts.

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He uses his own tools to patch up the potholes which prevent amongst other things avoidable accidents and traffic. MB has been doing this since 2013 whether it’s raining or not.

Given Ngobeni at work

“So I call the road users my bosses because they help me and I also help them,” he tells Limpopo Chronicle.

“To find myself doing this is because I am unemployed, So this is my job. But if I get a part-time job from the Expanded Public Works Programme [EPWP] I will find someone to come and assist. I do want a Job but I also love doing what I am doing.

“People do appreciate my efforts a lot and give me whatever they can afford.”