Selling wine has turned out to be a fruitful, enjoyable means of survival for Limpopo entrepreneur and owner of The Macbeth Premium Wine Mudodzwa Macberth Ndou.

The Macbeth Premium Wine comes with five blends which are Semi sweet Shiraz, Carbenet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinotage, and Sweet Red.

Ndou [23] from Duthuni village within the Thulamela Municipality, Vhembe District said the idea came in 2022 when he got his first batch of wines for tasting. That sparked more interest and intense desire and from there he just never looked back.


“I have always wanted to be different,” he tells Limpopo Chronicle.

“I have always wanted to do things that stand out and that includes breaking the social norms of people from such a background that one can only achieve certain things at a specific age.

Young Limpopo entrepreneur ventures into the wine business
The Macbeth Premium Wine

“So my drive to always go beyond that limit is what took me this far. My journey so far has been nothing but exciting. The joy of learning new things about this industry and meeting different people from different backgrounds and environments. As exciting as It can get it has been a lot more challenging,” said Ndou.

Ndou admits that starting the business from scratch with less capital, less knowledge of the industry and an unfounded clientele base did not make it an easy process. But he lives and he learns so with every passing day he pitches and does what needs to be done.

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“The Macbeth Premium Wine is not just an alcohol brand aimed at generating income. But to bring change and inspiration to a lot of people. This is a Village dream come true.

“The beginning of a revolution and nothing but an empire in the making. As the slogan of my brand says The Path Is Made By Walking, my main goal is to open a way for many others that are to come after me, she’s light to those who have lost their hope, inspires those seeking motivation and change my village for the better,” he said.


“I am from a very loving family, the support I get from my siblings and parents is unmatched and face my challenges better knowing that I have a supportive family to fall back on.

I cannot say there is a direct secret for success. But consistency for me has been the key through it all. With all the challenges I have been through, I could have given up. But then somehow I had to keep going and we are still on the go,” he said.


“With this brand, I hope to work with different people in bringing change to our villages. My win is their win and our win is the beginning of a very bright future for all those who are still to come.”