The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism [LEDET] have announced Environmental awareness activities to address amongst others plastic pollution. The department led by MEC Rodgers Monama have taken a stance on the war against littering or pollution.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the department believes their efforts will drastically reduce the worrying rate.

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The planned awareness campaign follows findings by the Department during their previously held Clean-Up campaigns. This also includes the Good Green Deeds programme which helped unearth plastic mishandling as a major pollution factor. They say it has an impact on neighborhoods, the environment and most importantly within river streams.

“Plastic pollution does not make a distinction between urban, township or rural setups,” they said in a statement.

“However, in areas where garbage collection is nonexistent, plastic pollution is then exacerbated by individual inefficient thinking capacity. Combined efforts, especially community participation whereby clear.

Limpopo to address the plastic pollution factor
MEC for LEDET Rodgers Monama

“Limpopo Province’s passion for supporting waste pickers and recycling efforts has led to the existence of over 130 recyclers or buy-back centers who are responsible for collecting and baling plastic recyclables.”


“The Province further prides itself on having 5 plastic processors/recycling companies and distributors who produce plastic bags, HDPE and LDPE water pipes as well as plastic bricks.

“Adopting the Separation at Source method, which requires that households, companies, malls, and all other various establishments should separate recyclable waste from other waste that cannot be recycled, can reduce plastic pollution.”

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