The Sekhukhune Royal Family has confirmed that Kgoši Kgagudi Kenneth Sekhukhune, affectionately known as KK Sekhukhune has died. Kgoši KK Sekhukhune died on Sunday at the age of 78.

He served the throne of Bapedi Kingship from 1973 to 2023 as Acting Paramount Chief and Regent to the Kingship. He was born in 1945, first married Maakopi in 1976 and had seven children. In 1980 he also married Khudu, with whom he had three children.


“Kgagudi Kenneth Sekhukhune is the first-born son of King Morwamotshe. Kgagudi Kenneth Sekhukhune was crowned a King of the Bapedi Nation and Kgoshi of Marota Mohlaletse in 1976. He reined for 46 years as the chief of Marota Mohlaletse Senior traditional council and 44 years as the King of Bapedi nation,” said Royal spokesperson, Marisane Leseilane.

Leseilane says the late Sekhukhune has left an impressive legacy.

“During his time or tenure, he built schools and clinics. He also reconciled with the British, the Scottish, and the leadership of Chief McLeod, the chief of Scotland.

“He also established the royal Bapedi Nation Trust, which was responsible for overseeing the Bapedi bought farms and other properties. The Bapedi bought farms were constituted by 18 trustees, representing 78 senior traditional leaders in Sekhukhune,” added Leseilane.

Kgoši Kgagudi Kenneth KK Sekhukhune has died
Late KK Sekhukhune with Reverend Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane


Limpopo MEC for COGHSTA Basikopo Makamu has sent his condolences to the Royal Family.

The MEC says the untimely loss of yet another Senior Traditional Leader in the province within weeks has filled the Provincial Government, as led by the Premier, and the COGHSTA department with sorrow.
MEC Makamu has conveyed his sympathies to the Royal Family of Hlabirwa’aBauba and its residents located under the Sekhukhune District Municipality.

In 2019 KK Sekhukhune challenged a Nhlapo Commission on Traditional Leadership decision. It had declared the late King Thulare Victor Thulare III as the legitimate King of Bapedi.

The matter also served in the Constitutional Court. It ruled in favour of King Thulare Victor Thulare III.