The Polokwane High Court in Limpopo continues to hear evidence during the murder trial of Tshepo Rakoma. Josias Leboho was arrested in May 2021 after he shot and killed his ex-fiance and mother of his Child, Rakoma, in Polokwane CBD. Rakoma was killed during a lunch break in a parking lot.

The trial was due to commence in May but was postponed after the defence lawyer could not make it. Leboho has already pleaded not guilty to the charges leveled against him.

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It began on Monday, 12 June 2023. The court has already called five witnesses so far. A former colleague of Rakoma told the court that on the day of the incident, the accused came to look for her at her workplace.

Vincent Moremi, who is the fifth state witness, told the court that he was at an ATM when Leboho came to him. He asked where Rakoma was. Moremi says he looked inside the bank and could not locate Rakoma at her workstation.

Moremi told the state prosecutor Advocate Malebo Maleka that he had no suspicions as to why Leboho came looking for Rakoma because he used to come to visit her at the branch.

He says immediately after Rakoma went out, some minutes later he saw Leboho going towards her direction on foot. Moments later, he heard what sounded like gunshots and heard that noise go off three times.

When asked by the defence counsel if he saw the person who killed Rakoma, Moremi told the lawyer that he did not see the person who killed Rakoma and did not see him holding a gun.

The court in Polokwane continues to hear evidence in Tshepo Rakoma murder trial
Josias Leboho


Another witness, Alleta Lephalala, who is the Aunt of Rakoma told the court that her late niece was engaged to be married to the accused in her murder. But she wanted out of the relationship, allegedly due to abuse.

Lephalala said the two had been in a relationship for about seven years and had two children together. At the time of her death, Rakoma had already asked Leboho to move out from the deceased’s home in Seshego.

The state prosecutor advocate Malebo Maleka asked Lephalala if she had any knowledge of her niece having an affair at the time with Khazamula Mathebula, saying that is because the evidence before the court is that the gun used to fatally shoot her belonged to Mathebula.

Lephalala told the presiding Judge Gerrit Muller that she had no knowledge of such. He had never heard of the name Mathebula before.

During cross-examination by the defence, Lephalala said Rakoma was in the process of getting a protection order against Leboho at the time of her death. The lawyer says her client went to the parking lot in town that day to give Tshepo money to pay a loan they had. Not to kill her.

The defence says when the accused arrived on the second floor, there was already a shooting. He ran to the rooftop to escape.