A corrupt Police Sergeant from Umlazi SAPS in KwaZulu Natal has been arrested after trying to bribe a Limpopo-based Investigation Officer over the Savannah Mall robbery.

According to the information, the officer approached the Investigating Officer of a business robbery case that occurred in May 2023 at Savannah Mall in Polokwane. This is after armed suspects robbed a Jewellery store of Jewellery worth millions of Rands and five of them were arrested a week later in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal.

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It is reported that the Sergeant made several attempts to persuade and influence the Investigation Officer not to oppose bail for the five suspects. In exchange for an amount of R40 000,00 in cash.

She made arrangements to pay the money and subsequently drove to Polokwane on Wednesday, 14 June to bribe the investigating officer.

Corrupt police Sergeant tries to bribe another police officer over a Savannah Mall robbery.
Police Sergeant

She managed to meet the investigating officer. She gave him an amount of R37 000 before she drove away in a silver Honda with her brother. Little did she know that the meeting with the investigating officer was set up and she was monitored.

The Police who were observing her tried to stop her vehicle when she left the scene. The driver sped off and a car chase ensued until the vehicle was cornered at N1 South next to Shell. About 10 km from Polokwane where she was arrested together with her brother [the driver].


The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has warmly welcomed the arrest.

“This will definitely send a message that this Province has no space for criminals. Those who test the waters will be arrested without mercy.” Concluded General Hadebe.

The two suspects will appear before Polokwane Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, 15 June on a charge of Corruption.