The Department of Transport has issued an update on the driving licence card production machine. The machine was taken out of production for three weeks in order to replace a broken part identified during a routine maintenance.

The testing of the machine after the part replacement took another two weeks before it was certified to go back to full production.

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“This will see an increase in production from the 60 000 cards produced over the past 3 weeks during the testing period to about 120 000 cards per week,” the department said in a statement on Sunday.

SA's only Driving Licence card machine is finally back operating
Driver’s licence

The machine has printed an average of 2 850 000 cards per annum in the past two financial years. Since its commissioning in 1998, it has printed over 60 million Driving Licence cards, according to the department.


The backlog is currently at 350 000 cards for the past five weeks. Backlogs are dependent on the number of orders received.

“There is currently a catch-up plan to address the backlog, which will be cleared by the end of August 2023,” they revealed.

The Department also revealed plans to introduce a new driving license card as approved by Cabinet last year. The new DL card will be launched before the end of the current financial year. It will also bring with it new card production machines to replace the current machine. This signals the new dawn in the DL card environment.