German-based Khathutshelo Muthivhi has released a new book Love Has No Boundaries detailing how it was difficult for a German family to accept a son-in-law from Africa.

Muthivhi was born in Tshisahulu Village outside Thohoyandou in the Thulamela Municipality. He says writing is something he always had since he was young. Muthivhi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Development from the University of Venda. He started writing poems when he was still in primary school, but only for himself.

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“The first copies of my book Love Has No Boundaries were mostly sold in Germany and a few in South Africa. What makes my career as a writer continue to be wonderful is that, in Germany where I live, people love reading a lot and it is exciting to write something that people love to read,” said Muthivhi about the new book.

Muthivhi’s journey in Germany is that of a young man who went as a visitor but ended up as an asylum seeker. After some time in the European nation, he fell in love with Grace Müller, a beautiful young German girl.


As a refugee, it was not easy for him to convince her he could be the love of her life. Things became more complicated when he was introduced to her parents, who couldn’t imagine their beautiful, intelligent daughter seeing an asylum seeker, a refugee from Africa.

At that time, Müller was studying medicine at a local university in Freiburg. His journey motivated him to share his life experience with the rest of the world.

Khathutshelo Muthivhi tells his love story through a new Book titled Love Has No Boundaries
Khathutshelo Muthivhi

“My Journey as a writer has not been so smooth because of different factors. I am a family man and at times I had to steal my family time to write this book. My wife didn’t find it so good not to have quality time with the Family to write a book, but I insisted until I won the battle.”


Muthuvhi adds that his main aim is for the book to reach as many people as possible around the world.

“I love being an independent writer because I write what I want at any given time. One of the reasons I decided to write my own books is that I wanted to write what is in my mind. Unlike being an academic writer, where you write what suits and fits the supervisor, in my writing, I have nobody to report to.

“I am not criticizing anyone or any profession, I am just emphasizing that being an independent writer is what I love and enjoy. My goal is to get better and better at my craft. I am not looking at awards and things,” he said.

” But fulfilment will be when I have a feeling that I have improved my craft and I am able to reach out to many people in the world. I will be happy if my book can spread out the whole world.”

*Those interested in the book can contact Khathutshelo Muthivhi on +49 1521 1204581 or email: