Two Limpopo officers will appear in Mogwadi periodic court, Capricorn District on Monday, 26 June on charges of murder. A 38-year-old and 49-year-old Sergeants attached to Mogwadi Police Station were arrested on Friday morning. They face charges of Murder, Assault GBH, and Defeating the Course of Justice.

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The charges against the two Police officers are related to the assault and death of Lucky Tshikhwama.

Tshikhwama died in the Mogwadi police cells on the 6th of June 2023. His family in Mohodi, Ga-Manthata, outside Polokwane are seeking answers after the incident. Tshikwama was accused of stealing a cell phone and arrested by officers on 5 June.

Limpopo Police officers arrested for Murder
Police Uniform


The Family says Tshikwama was allegedly brutally assaulted by police and left to die in the holding cells. His body was discovered by other detainees later on.

“When they took him, they said they were going to check with the person who was selling a cell phone. But they took him to the Dendron Station and locked him up with other criminals,” said Grace Tshikwama, Lucky’s mother.

“To my surprise, how do they lock him in the same cell with criminals before he goes to court and is found guilty?

“When I went to see him at the mortuary, I found him with a huge print of the police boot on his chest. He also had a huge scar on his chest as if he was hit with a sharp object like a panga. His jaws and neck were also broken. That’s when I realised his death was a result of being assaulted,” she told SABC News.