Mme Maggie Mathabatha, the late First Lady of Limpopo has been remembered as a loving and caring person during her memorial service. Mme Mathabatha, the wife of Premier Stanley Mathabatha, passed away last week after a short illness.

Her memorial service was held at Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane on Wednesday. Chairperson of the Limpopo First Lady Trust Wiskut Modisha says the passing of Maggie Mathabatha came at a time when her presence in charity work is needed the most.

He says they are also thankful and appreciative of the many visible and tangible impacts. Contributions by Mme Mathabatha that have also benefited many members of communities. Modisha says in her role as the patron of that trust, Mathabatha reached out to domestic workers to instil confidence in them and awaken their potential in them as leaders in the households they render their services to.

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Limpopo First Lady Maggie Mathabatha remembered as loving and caring during her memorial service 
Rethabile Mathabatha, the Son of Stanley and the late Maggie Mathabatha

Dr Phophi Ramathuba spoke on behalf of the Limpopo government delegated by acting Premier Seaparo Sekoati.

“Mme Maggy Mathabatha was a fundamental support system to the person of the Premier, and to some of us who served in his cabinet.

“She gave Premier Mathabatha the presentable look we all grew accustomed to and kept the family fires burning,” she said.


“Mme Mathabatha was unassuming. She was humble and accessible. She was a diligent custodian of a better life. Her touch of compassion has helped fight poverty, alleviate hunger, and empower women.

“Mme Mathabatha was at the forefront of fighting for decent wages on behalf of the vulnerable workers where she was employed. This was shown when she worked at the shops during the dark days of apartheid.”

Limpopo First Lady Maggie Mathabatha remembered as loving and caring during her memorial service 
Hundreds of people gatherers at Jack Botes to remember Maggie Mathabatha

Mme Maggie Mathabatha was a patron of Limpopo First Lady Trust. She worked with various institutions in making sure of the plight of child-headed families and the needy. She would celebrate her birthday giving shelter and food to the homeless and cleaners.

Mme Mathabatha will be laid to rest on Friday. The funeral service proceedings will start at Uniting Reformed Church of Southern Africa, Serala View, Polokwane at 07:00.