A Vehicle accident on the R101 Sterkrivier Cross in the Waterberg District, Limpopo claimed seven lives on Sunday.

According to the report, a Polo hatchback sedan collided head-on with a Mercedes Benz sedan. Both drivers and five other people perished on the scene.

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Limpopo MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Florence Radzilani has sent her condolences to the families.

MEC Radzilani has also raised serious concerns about the number of fatal accidents that are reported during weekends in Limpopo.

“The number of fatal accidents happening during weekends is of great concern,” she said.

R101 Vehicle accident in Waterberg claims seven lives
Accident on the R101 claimed seven lives

“Every week, we receive reports of fatal accidents during the weekends. Especially during early hours in the morning or later at night.


“This clearly indicates to us that people should practice taking regular breaks and ensure that their vehicles are in a roadworthy condition before they embark on their trips,” said MEC Radzilani.