The Lenyenye Regional Court in Limpopo has sentenced a 60-year-old Step-Grandfather to life imprisonment for the rape of a six-year-old minor girl.

The name of the accused is concealed to protect the victim as the accused is the step-grandfather to the victim. He was also sentenced to two years of direct imprisonment for illegal immigration.

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 During the trial, the accused pleaded not guilty, and the court heard that on 01 January 2020, in Topanama village, the accused was sleeping on the veranda with the victim and her grandmother, when he raped the victim.

The grandmother did not hear or see anything as she was heavily drunk. The accused was caught by the victim’s uncle, who called the police. The state prosecutor, Pearl Ledwaba, led evidence of the eyewitness and medical reports that confirmed that the victim was raped.


In aggravation of the sentence, the prosecutor submitted that children are the most vulnerable members of society. They need protection. She then said that the state is duty-bound to protect those children to live in a safe environment. By removing the perpetrators of crimes from the community.

She further submitted that there are no substantial or compelling circumstances for the court to deviate from imposing the prescribed minimum sentence. The court agreed with the state and sentenced the accused to life imprisonment.