A 39-year-old man from Letsitele in Mopani District has been arrested after he allegedly kidnapped and severely assaulted his 35-year-old wife at Mamitwa village.

The incident took place on the evening of Saturday, 29 July. The suspect is scheduled to make his first court appearance today, July 31 in the Ritavi Magistrate’s Court.

The arrest followed after the suspect at about 19:00, allegedly kidnapped and assaulted his wife and thereafter left her in bushes naked.

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According to the Police reports, the victim and her sister-in-law were walking home from attending an event. The victim’s husband [suspect] came driving at high speed and even attempted to knock her with the vehicle.

The suspect aggressively ordered the victim to get in the vehicle and drove off to their home in Nwajaheni village.

Police were alerted about the incident and started with an investigation and a search for both the victim and suspect. The suspect’s vehicle was spotted on the road and tactically stopped. Police then took the suspect to his house after he lied about the whereabouts of his wife.

During the investigation at the house, Police found the victim’s clothes with blood stains.


While the Police were busy with the search, they received a report that the victim was at the local Police Station. She was rescued by a passerby who found her in the bushes, naked and severely assaulted. The husband was arrested on the spot.

The Provincial Commissioner of police in Limpopo Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has condemned the actions of the suspect.

“We shall leave no stone unturned for those who see women as their Punching bags, taking advantage of their vulnerability. This behaviour is inhumane and must stop immediately,” said Lieutenant General Hadebe.