Seven Colours Communications has once again returned with the annual Stokvelex expo targeted at Stokvel community from 27-29 October 2023 at Jack Botes Hall, Polokwane. Stokvel remains one of the most popular savings vehicles for ordinary South Africans

With seven successful shows under its belt across three provinces, this year’s showcase promises an even bigger and elevated experience, backed by reputable, trusted, and acclaimed partners.

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According to Stockvelex Exhibition Director Neo Mohlatlole, the Stokvelex is an exhibition targeted at stokvels, societies, megodishano, and cooperatives, featuring an exhibition hall and workshop areas.

“The expo will provide innovative solutions to stokvel groups, individuals and associations through an open exhibition of various products, brands including networking forums. This is where stokvels will get an opportunity to engage, grow their organization, share knowledge, and forge relations with other stokvels and formal institutions that serve their specific needs.

“The exhibition covers the following sectors and has had various companies exhibiting since the inception of the concept in July 2014, Financial Planning, Investments, Burial companies, Wholesalers, Education, and Travel and Tourism,” said Mohlatlole.

Stokvel community in for a treat with the return of Stokvelex Expo to Limpopo
Stokvelex Exhibition Director Neo Mohlatlole


He said members get an opportunity to choose between service providers that serve them under one roof without having to travel to different parts of town for information.

“The exhibition is the best platform for them to compare apples with apples. A lot of stokvels are based in townships and rural areas. Once the Stokvels get an understanding of how their organizations help with the township economies, they will spend wisely to support businesses that serve the community. Members get an opportunity to learn about cooperatives and the possibilities of setting up their Stokvels as Cooperatives get to serve their communities while creating job opportunities.

Stokvel community in for a treat with the return of Stokvelex Expo to Limpopo
Stockvelex expo

“This is another great model to uplift rural and township economies, with the relevant partner on board we will be able to pilot this model and measure the benefits to the community and local economy. Members get to learn about other stokvel models that they can later participate in, apart from the ones they are currently under. The exhibiting companies have an opportunity to engage with Stokvels firsthand and develop insights on how to package their offerings to this market directly. Stokvelex is the first exhibition to bring together a variety of service providers under one roof, below is a brief explanation of how the different sectors can benefit,” he said.

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He further said ordinary South Africans will get to interact firsthand with an array of exhibitors.

“Visitors can expect regular exhibitors such as the National Treasury Retail Saving Bonds, SABRIC, and Liberty Life to help guide Stokvels, cooperatives, and consumers to apply the best financial practices, especially in a strained economy,” he said.

Free uniforms for the best-dressed Stokvel groups and a goody bag for the first 300 people to register for the show. The entrance is free.