Masingita Shibambu, commonly known as Ntombhi Ya Mutsonga, has bagged an award for her first poetry book, Xewani at the AfriCAN Annual Global Honoree Author’s Awards.

Xewani is a collection of 55 Xitsonga poems under the category of Indigenous Poetry Book Of the Year. The book was honoured amongst 717 Authors from 27 selected countries.

Ntombhi Ya Mutsonga says being honoured among 27 countries is such a milestone for her as an author. People must also look forward to more books.

“Writing is one way of preserving our Indigenous languages heritage and culture,” she said.

Another award for Poet Ntombhi Ya Mutsonga
Ntombhi Ya Mutsonga with fellow winners

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“I dedicate the Award to all pillars of Ntombhi Ya Mutsonga. Those who promote and have purchased my book. Through this award, I am inspired to embark on a journey of 10 000 Book Drive, whereby I’ll be donating books in various schools from different provinces,” she said.

The University of Limpopo student wants to inspire and encourage reading and writing.

“I also want to inspire up-and-coming writers to write and publish their craft. My main focus is underprivileged schools that lack facilities such as libraries. We want to raise a nation that can read for meaning for them to engage in meaningful conversations,” she said.


The African Honorary Author Awards are founded by award-winning entrepreneur, author and international speaker, Anthea Thyssen-Ambursley.

They aim to connect passionate creative writers of African origin all over the world and honour them for publishing their works that ensure African content is not lacking in global literary expressions.

Xewani is available for purchase at R150.00.

Contact: 073 6228 432 or also her social media platforms: ntombhiyamutsonga