Legendary musician Papa Penny Penny has sent a strong warning to a South African DJ who remixed his latest song without his permission. Dj Bushida Coffee, posted a snippet of what seemed like a remake of Penny Penny’s song Hai ka Mina on his Tik Tok platform. But that did not sing well with the legendary musician who gave the artists until the end of Sunday to delete the song. He says he feels disrespected since the said artist never approached him for any approval.

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The Limpopo-born Penny Penny released the hit song Hayi Ka Mina Hee last month. “Please my guy don’t disrespect me,” warned Penny Penny on his official Facebook page.

“Bushida Coffee or whatever, don’t play with my song. You did your own [remix] without my permission. Delete it now, I see you are busy on tik tok with my song.

“You never came to me or talked to me. I am still alive, I am not dead. Stop disrespecting me,” he said.

Papa Penny

“If you don’t know how to compose, leave my song alone. Delete it now before the end of the day [Sunday]. Don’t play rubbish with me, I am not a young boy. Don’t play nonsense with me. Leave playing with me, that is my song. Yeses.”


But Dj Bushida Coffee later posted a video telling his followers that he had indeed deleted the song. He also revealed that he has received threats from some of his followers.  

“Evening to my Tsonga people. I just came back now and saw your messages. They say I stole a song. So I have since deleted the song that I had remixed,” he announced.

“I spoke to Penny Penny so it’s over now, even the latest one I published on tick tok is not the same [as the one I had posted]. It doesn’t have anyone’s lyrics, even the melodies are not the same. They are different. I received threats, some are screaming at me so yes I have deleted the song. It was not even a full song, it was just a teaser.”