Incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa has been declared the winner of the Zimbabwe elections against the main challenger, Nelson Chamisa.

Zimbabwe’s elections commission [ZEC] announced late on Saturday that it had won this week’s presidential election with roughly 53% of the vote.  However, the opposition and analysts immediately questioned the result.

The ZEC said Nelson Chamisa, who leads the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) party, secured 44% of the presidential vote.


Zimbabwe went to the polls on Wednesday. But after the ZEC failed to provide ballots to voters in the capital Harare and in Bulawayo, Mnangagwa had to extend voting by an additional day.

On Sunday, Chamisa contested the official re-election of Mnangagwa. He claimed victory in an election which international observers said fell short of democratic standards.

Emmerson Mnangagwa declared winner of Zimbabwe Elections but Nelson Chamisa rejects results
Nelson Chamisa


“We have won this election, we are the leaders,” said Chamisa. “We are even surprised that Mnangagwa has been declared a leader.

“[The opposition] knew we were going into a flawed election and we have a flawed voters roll, a flawed delimitation report. We had a flawed ballot. It was a flawed electoral environment,” he said.

But Mnangagwa, leader of Zanu-pf, has challenged those who contested his re-election to go to court.

“Those who feel the race was not run properly should know where to go,” said Mnangagwa.

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Zimbabwe’s economy has collapsed after years of economic mismanagement by Zanu PF. They have been in power since the end of white minority rule in 1980.

The economic crisis has also led to 90 percent of Zimbabweans relying on informal work as the currency slumps and prices surge. Once a breadbasket of southern Africa and home to one of the continent’s advanced manufacturing industries, the nation is a pale shadow of its former self.