A dream does not become reality through magic but hard work and this has been proven by Letimola Lot Ramusi, owner of Ramusi Attorneys.

Ramusi, who is also a philanthropist, is an LLB graduate at the University of Limpopo. His law firm is based in Polokwane but they also recently opened a new branch at The Forum Building, 2 Maude Street, 12th Floor, Sandton in Gauteng.

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Ramusi says he has drawn so much inspiration from his late Grandfather Collins Molapatene Ramusi. Molapatene Ramusi was the first black attorney to come out of Limpopo province and had a unique style of practising the law. He is described by many as larger than life.

“He inspired me a lot. Well, my father Sekgweng Junior Ramusi planted the thought many times when I was in High School,” said Ramusi.

“He kept reminding me of my grandfather’s heroic acts as an attorney and that certainly contributed a lot to my decision to become an attorney. It was my father’s influence.”


Ramusi also admits that the journey has not been an easy one. “Practising on your account, you get to experience real challenges faced by young attorneys. From struggles with rent, learning how to properly account to your clients, and monthly challenges of breaking even,” he says.

“I know it all, it is those challenges that inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. I want to ensure the legacy my grandfather left in the world lives forever.

“He never wanted to see anyone suffer and ensured that he touched as many lives as he possibly could. I want to be a living testament of everything he represented and also create my legacy at the same time,” he said.

How Lot Ramusi drew inspiration from his Grandfather in his law journey
Founder of Ramusi Attorneys, Lot Ramusi.

Ramusi told Limpopo Chronicle that his family has been very supportive, specifically his wife but not limited to his mother Pauline Ramusi. How she has been a pillar of strength and made sure he didn’t fail with her unconditional support in those dark days.

“I will never forget that. Well, I support different organizations and usually do it out of my own heart. I do it quietly because I don’t do it to become famous.

“I do it because I want to, not because I will get anything in return. It’s something I have learned through the years. It fulfils me that way,” he explains.


He concludes by encouraging young up-and-coming lawyers, to live through every challenge, knock at every door, and don’t fear to engage every single opportunity that you qualify for.

“Work very hard at improving yourself in the office, at court, even in the boardroom. Always make sure that you are properly prepared and make sure you account to your clients at all times, be brave, and bold, and dress appropriately. Always be on time,” he concludes.