Queen of Limp-Hop, Desiree Karabo Reddy, commonly known as Dezry Kay might have married into an Indian family and changed culture but she has not lost her Pedi-Rap touch. Dezry Kay started with her Hip-Hop journey when she was just a high school teen inspired by the likes of  Eve, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. 

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The 31-year-old comes from a family with a music background. Her mother, Mama-Winnie, is a hit maker of “Apartheid E Fedile”. In her days, Mama-Winnie has toured West Africa recording and performing the Kwasa-Kwasa Genre in DRC-Congo. 

“Every time she rehearsed for her performance, she refused for me to be her backup dancer. That’s the more she inspired the urge to pursue the career and be the lead artist,” Dezry Kay told Limpopo Chronicle

Born in the rural area of Ga-Molapo, Capricorn District, her first recording was just after completing matric in a collaboration with Space Munna and Iceman on the song titled, Limpopo Rise. 

“I had no sense of self-journey when I was young. It was just punchlines to brag about my talent and looks. Now I’m much more aware of who I am and what I stand for. So the message I convey in my music is no longer self-absorbed,” she said as she reflected on Hip Hop journey.  

Different culture but still the same Music taste for Dezry Kay
Dezry Kay


Fast forward to 2021, Dezry Kay got married to a Hindu-Tamil Man. This also meant she had to change her culture from pedi to Indian. She described her husband as a gentleman with a consistent personality and supportive in her career. 

“My culture dictates that as a wife I learn my husband’s culture and follow my in-law’s religion. I found that I enjoy Indian culture as my new journey in life and as an artist. So to suit my current transition I’ve decided to infuse my craft with my Eastern experiences. I will now be seen with a Bhindi on for as long as I am married. So my appearance has also changed from the Dezry Kay I always was.”

This has also prompted her to toy around with the idea of seeking collaborations with Indian artists.  

“Yes, I have plans to release Indian music. I’ve started communicating collaborations in India for the end of 2023. I’ve already been infusing Indian languages in some of the songs I’ve done recently such as the Madibuseng collaboration by a dancehall artist Called Pepsin Mkhabyakude,” she said. 

Dezry Kay is currently in the studio with Space Munna and Mopedy for her upcoming album. She says she has also recorded a different genre while she was traveling in East Africa, especially Ethiopia. 

“Hip-hop didn’t work that side over the three years I’ve spent there between 2018-2021. Traveling East Africa was amazing, my energy and art form feels at home there. I feel loved and appreciated as an artist, they’re too good for my ego,” she said on her journey to Ethiopia.