Academic and Biker Pappies Master P Poto wants to dispel the misconception that Gusheshe drivers and Bikers are gangsters. He said he is aware that many people equate Bikers and Gusheshe drivers with gangsterism, drugs, and violence, but for him, it is a haven.

Poto is the Finance Manager at Roads Agency Limpopo, and Part time as Director Poto Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

He holds a Bcompt degree from the University of South Africa, and a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of London, Professional qualifications: Professional Accountant (SA), Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), and currently studying towards a Master of Business Leadership with the University of South Africa. Poto is married to Motimedi and blessed with three kids, Neo, and Kea both 13 years old, and Dimpho 4 years old.

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During the exclusive interview with Limpopo Chronicle, Poto said he has always been a fan and lover of Gusheshe and Bikes from a young age.

“I ride a BMW S1000RR, and I also drive a BMW 320I Gusheshe. I grew up thinking that people who drive Gusheshe and ride Bikes are gangsters. Deep down in my heart, I love the two. I have gained exposure I have realised that they are people and community members most of them are professionals.

“The noise of a revved engine has always given me peace. This is why I also decided to have them both. Although Gusheshe and Bikers have long been connected to gangsterism and were once done to honour those who had perished at the hands of the old regime, it is now more formal and amusing,” he said.

Bikers are not gangsters, says Pappies Master P Poto
Pappies Master P Poto


“The integrity that two bring to a person is worth excitement, that’s how I got into biking and Gusheshe. I normally drive my BMW 320I on Fridays and ride my Bike on Saturdays. They are more of my weekend toys, whereas I called them my Udult Entertainment not mode of transport,” said Poto.

He said his wife’s concern was bike risk on bike, she thought bikes were dangerous and he would die young.

“The first few months, she was always concerned when I went out with my bike. But she got used to seeing me coming back and she realised that I am a responsible rider. One thing I like about her is that she is very supportive even though she can’t ride a bike. When I bought a Gusheshe, she realised that I was still the same person who was responsible. She knows that whenever I go out with Gusheshe she knows that I came back home happier,” he said.

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He further said in the era that we were leaving, he had noticed that the people who ride bikes and drive Gusheshe majority are professionals.

“Let’s be a good example to our community, let’s show these young kids that you can go to school and still ride a bike and drive Gusheshe. If people can support and cheer on the Formula 1 sport and Dakar Rally, why are we victimised? People should stop assuming the worst about Gusheshe drivers. We are legal and we entertain the people the same way as the F1 does.

“I am asking people to stop thinking the worst about us as long as we do it safely. The wind, adrenaline rush, and the excitement you get from riding a bike and driving Gusheshe is something that you cannot get from anywhere,” he said.