The Thabo Mbeki Foundation has issued an official statement responding to reports about the former president’s purported death. In a video reportedly from GTV in Ghana, a female reporter can be seen announcing the death of the former president.

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The 81-year-old served as the second president of South Africa from 14 June 1999 to 24 September 2008. He resigned at the request of his party, the African National Congress. He was deputy president under Nelson Mandela from 1994 to 1999.

Thabo Mbeki Foundation reacts to reports of his death
Former President Thabo Mbeki is very much alive


In a statement on Wednesday, the Foundation lambasted the reports and reassured South Africans that Mbeki was alive and well.

“The Thabo Mbeki Foundation is aware of recent, unfounded reports circulating on social media regarding the health of the Patron of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, President Thabo Mbeki. We categorically deny these reports and wish to assure the public that President Mbeki is in good health. We urge caution and responsible engagement with online information. Particularly during a time when misinformation can spread rapidly.”

“We appreciate your concern and ask that you rely on official channels for accurate information about President Mbeki’s well-being and activities. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.”