Minister of Transport Sindisiwe Chikunga on Wednesday announced the 2023-2024 festive season road traffic statistics. The statistics follow last month’s provisional figures. They indicated 719 fatalities in the first three weeks of December 2023.

The provisional statistics also marked a slight decline from the corresponding period in the previous year. The 2022-2023 recorded 751 fatalities.

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Over 3,500 motorists were apprehended nationwide for various infringements during the initial three weeks of December.

However, the comprehensive report released at N1 Grasmere Toll Gate, South of Johannesburg provided insights into road safety and incidents. This also includes law enforcement measures taken during the festive season. 

Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga announces 2023-2024 festive season road traffic statistics
Traffic officials on duty


“The number of registered vehicles at the start of this year’s festive season campaign on December 1, 2023, stood at 13 133 035. This was significantly higher than the 12 964 430 registered on December 1, 2022 and thus bringing more 168 000 registered vehicles on to the road.”

“Most of the crashes occurred in the first week (December 01 to 07), the third week (December 15 to 21) and the fourth week (December 22 to 28). The first week incorporated the payday weekend when people had received bonuses and were having end of year parties.”

The Minister announced that the number of fatal crashes over the past festive season saw a slight 1.7% decline compared to a year ago. 1,427 people died on the roads in the 2023/2024 festive season between December 1 and January 11. That’s 25 less than the previous year. She said that most fatalities were recorded during the first, third and fourth weeks of December.

Minister Chikunga announces festive season road traffic statistics
Minister of Transport Sindisiwe Chikunga announces festive statistics


The Free State recorded a 27.4% decline. Eastern Cape recorded a 21.5% decline Northern Cape recorded a 15.7% decline Limpopo recorded an 8.4% decline North West recorded a 2.1% decline Gauteng recorded a 7.6% increase KwaZulu Natal recorded a 4.2% increase Mpumalanga recorded a 9.7% increase, and Western Cape recorded a 22.6% increase

“The first week incorporated the payday weekend when people had received bonuses or were having end-of-year parties. Most fatalities were recorded on Sundays, which is a new trend,” she announced.

Human factors contributed to 80,8% of the crashes. Environmental factors contributed 10,4% as a result of heavy rainfall and storms that had a big impact on-road use. This is whereas vehicle factors contributed 8.8%