The EFF in Tzaneen Mopani Region, Limpopo have raised a concern about the conduct of an IEC official during the voter registration weekend.

The IEC marked the second and final voter registration weekend, ahead of this year’s national elections. The commission recorded more than a million registrations across the country.

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But there was some dissatisfaction from the EFF in Limpopo, specifically in Greater Tzaneen Municipality ward 93303031. The party alleges that a presiding officer at Mogoboya Raamodika Primary School was campaigning for the African National Congress [ANC].

“In direct contradiction to the principles agreed upon in our prior Political Liaison Committee (PLC) meeting with the IEC, it was explicitly stated that individuals actively involved in politics should not preside over voter registration and election processes. The actions, captured in a photograph depicting the individual wearing ANC political party regalia. Actively campaigning, stands as a clear violation of the established protocols,” said the party in a statement.

EFF in Limpopo raises concern over the conduct of an IEC official during voter registration weekend
EFF members at Ward 39 Polokwane Subregion, Capricorn District at Tom Naude Hooerskool VD.


“The EFF Limpopo is appalled by this flagrant disregard for electoral neutrality, which undermines the very foundation of free and fair democratic processes.

“We firmly believe that the IEC must act swiftly and decisively. To rectify this situation to prevent potential political instability in the region. Our appeal to the lEC is straightforward. We demand the immediate removal of the individual
from their position as a presiding officer in Greater Tzaneen Municipality ward 93303031,” they said.

“The credibility of the electoral process hinges on the strict adherence to impartiality and fairness, and any compromise in this regard poses a threat to the democratic values we hold dear.

Furthermore, the EFF Limpopo demands an urgent response to our letter of complaint already submitted. We request the IEC to provide a comprehensive list of all staff and presiding officers utilized during the voter registration weekend on February 3 and 4.”