The Tzaneen Municipality in Mopani has confirmed that the R48 million Nkambako Village paving project will be completed in May. The project involves the paving of the Risaba, Shando to Driving School Road, which spans a distance of 6.1 kilometres.

The municipality has now issued an update that only 7% of the project still needs to be done.

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“The project to pave streets in Nkambako village is nearing its long-awaited conclusion,” said the Municipality.


“5.5 kilometres of the road have been completed, along with two major culverts and road markings covering 5.2 kilometres.

“The remaining 600-meter portion of the road has been delayed by a leaking water pipe. The project will be completed before the end of May 2024.”

The project includes the installation of stormwater infrastructure, two lanes, each 3.1 meters wide, 500mm shoulders on each side, road signs, road furniture, culverts, and concrete-lined stormwater channels.

Update on the R48 million Nkambako paving project
Nkambako Village paving project

Furthermore, guardrails along high fills and Gabon retaining walls are being constructed to ensure the road’s durability and safety.

“The project has significantly impacted the community, providing employment opportunities to 116 labourers, including one Community Liaison Officer (CLO), one Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) representative, and one disabled person.”

Fridah Rikhotso, the CLO, expressed her gratitude.

“The job made a difference in my life. I managed to take my kids to a driving school and also provide food for my family.”

Solly Mataga, a labourer on the project also said: “The project really changes our lives. I wasn’t working before, but since the beginning of the project, I have managed to do a lot of things with the salary I’m getting here,” he said.

Ward Councillor Mfichana Shingange of Ward 05 commended the project’s progress, anticipating fewer complaints from community members regarding road accessibility.

He also highlighted the need for upgrading Musiphane to Risaba road, acknowledging its significance as one of the major main roads.