Young businesswoman, Pfunzo Tshilate [23] from Tshisaulu in Limpopo started her bricks Manufacturing business four years ago, she now produces 5000 bricks a day and has employed eight people. Tshilate is a graduate of the University of Venda where she was doing linguistics.

Just like most young people, finding a job has proved to be a difficult task. This prompted Tshilate to try out the brick-making business. She now sells the bricks to the surrounding communities and business people for R 1 each.

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“My parents were not working and at that time I was still at Univen [University of Venda],” she explained to Limpopo Chronicle.

“So they used to make bricks here at home but it was not for business. That’s when I realised that if other people wouldn’t want to mess up their yards then they can prefer to buy here because they are cheaper than the cement ones.

“So two pieces of land at home and one was not being utilised.  I thought I should utilize that,” she said.

“So far the business is doing well. I have recently attended a seminar where I learnt about applying for funding and all those things. So now we make up to 5000 a day because we have eight employees.”

Pfunzo Tshilate making strides in Brick Manufacturing business
Pfunzo Tshilate


Tshilate also had some words of advice for aspiring young business people. “What I can tell them is that they must not wait to be employed as they can see the current government is no longer the same,” she said.

“So every idea that comes through that they think can generate money, whatever it is, can help. It’s also good to ask those who are in the same business to get advice on how they can make it work. So that they don’t depend on people because people can change and can make you do things that you don’t desire.

“My dream is to have a hardware where I will be supplying everything that has to deal with building. I also want to employ a lot of people, especially young people.”

She also explained some of the challenges she faces on a day-to-day basis and how she deals with them.

“The first one is the lack of trucks because we don’t have funding yet. The second one is being undermined. People look at me and say because I am a girl I can’t run a brick business, which means the bricks are not quality.

She can be contacted on 082 687 4984.