The Executive Mayor of Sekhukhune District, Minah Bahula on Thursday delivered a significant boost to the communities of Moteti and Ramaphosa section handing over two completed communal water boreholes.

The areas in Moutse specifically in Wards 01 and 02 of the Elias Motsoaledi Municipality received the boreholes as part of the ongoing efforts to address water scarcity in the district. These boreholes represent vital interim measures initiated by the leadership to alleviate water shortages and ensure access to clean water for residents. 

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The Municipality says 300 households will benefit directly from the intervention. It also marks a crucial step towards enhancing the quality of life within the affected communities.

“Each borehole, boasting a depth of 100 meters, is equipped with a solar-powered direct current pump. It iscapable of pumping up to 5200 litres per hour at maximum capacity,” said the Municipality. 

Sekhukhune District Mayor Minah Bahula hand over Water Boreholes to communities
Moteti and Ramaphosa section community members

“This sustainable infrastructure will provide a reliable source of water for daily needs, empowering residents with improved access to this essential resource.

“In addition to the borehole installations, the Executive Mayor has also overseen the official commencement of a new contract in another village Phucukani. In Ward 06, to further expand water access within the municipality,” they said. 


“This commitment cements the dedication of the government to addressing long-standing challenges and ensuring the well-being of all residents.”

The Executive Mayor expresses gratitude to all stakeholders involved in making these initiatives possible. She reaffirmed the commitment to ongoing collaboration in pursuit of sustainable solutions to water scarcity.

“Together, with the support of the community, we will continue working towards a future where every individual has access to clean and reliable water. In the next few days, we will also be handing over contractors who will be drilling another badge of water boreholes to over 80 Magoši in Sekhukhune.”

Meanwhile, the Executive Mayor reportedly set to launch a program to unblock and provide technical support to revive blocked water boreholes across the district.