Limpopo artist Shebeshxt has responded to a video of him allegedly pointing a gun at a fan during one of his performances.

Real name, Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, Shebeshxt, has previously been arrested for attempted murder and assault. A recent video shows the musician taking a gun from his backpack and pointing it at a fan.

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He was later shown leaving the stage in the same video surrounded by bodyguards. Social media users have since urged the fan to come forward and open a case against the artist. Pointing a firearm at someone in a public place is prohibited under the firearms act.


But in a video posted over the weekend, Shebeshxt has defended his actions.

“You act like you know me and you start to disrespect me [referring to the fan],” he said. 

“I am still going to deal with you. If 99 people start to disrespect me, I will deal with the 100th one. I will deal with all those who disrespect me one by one. You disrespect me, you ruin things for me and all that.

Shebeshxt responds to a video of him pointing a gun at a fan

“I am always told Shebe doesn’t beat up people, but I am human too. If someone wants to mess with me I must just leave them because people will say I beat up people. I refuse, you can say whatever you want,” he said. 

“When these people provoke me there’s always no video of them doing that, but when I respond that’s what is going to trend.”

In June 2023, the controversial artist was remanded in custody after allegedly stabbing three people. He is also facing two counts of discharging a firearm after allegedly firing four shots in the air at a family home in Ga-Mamaola village Limpopo in April last year.