The Polokwane Municipality, Limpopo on Wednesday embarked on a mission to confront the scourge of illegal water connections in Mankweng. There has been a rampant issue of illegal water connections plaguing the communities within the Municipality.

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The operation was backed by a formidable delegation of council representatives, spearheaded by the instruction of Mayor John Mpe. It was led by Polokwane Council Whip, Phetola Rapetswa, alongside Council Speaker Kobela Modiba and MMC for Community Services Yoosuf Pemma.


Their first stop was Moremadi Park in the Mothapo area. “Here, municipal officials were met with a startling sight, municipal water infrastructure fenced off by a community member, effectively blocking access.

“The audacity didn’t end there – a storage tank, containing untreated water sourced from the Dap Naude dam, stood as a testament to the brazen disregard for public safety,” said the Municipality.

Polokwane Municipality cracks down on illegal water connections
Illegal Water Tanker

“Even more alarming was the revelation that the suspect was profiting from selling this untreated water to the community, posing a severe health hazard in the process.

“Undeterred, the delegation moved swiftly to their next target, Thakgalang in Nobody. Here, a resident had tapped into the municipal pipeline illegally. Using a pressure pump to facilitate the sale of water to the community.”

“The municipality wasted no time in impounding the resident’s water tanker. A clear message that such actions will not go unpunished. Both suspects admitted guilt in siphoning water from the municipality.

“However, this crackdown is just the beginning. The municipality has pledged to continue its efforts to uncover and dismantle all unauthorized connections. Ensuring that precious water resources are safeguarded for the entire community.”

“The message is clear. Water theft will not be tolerated as Polokwane Municipality is taking a stand against those who seek to profit at the expense of public health and safety.”