The 18th edition of the Limpopo Marula Festival at Impala Park Stadium was a culmination of 17 years of growth and success. Since its humble beginnings in 2006 with just 500 attendees, the event has blossomed into a cultural phenomenon that draws over 30,000 enthusiasts from across South Africa and neighbouring SADC countries. 

The festival also serves as a platform for showcasing a range of Marula products created by local cooperatives. Providing a valuable opportunity for them to market their goods and stimulate local trade. 

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Beyond just the famed Marula beverage, the festival incorporated initiatives aimed at empowering local entrepreneurs, showcasing traditional arts and crafts, and hosting sports events such as golf tournaments and marathons. 

Throughout the weekend, attendees Indulged themselves in a range of activities, from the Marula Golf Challenge at Ba-Phalaborwa Golf, Hotel & Spa to the art tournament competitions and live entertainment.

At the heart of the festival lay the revered Marula beverage, produced by the skilled members of the Munkumbi Industries cooperatives. These cooperatives work tirelessly to craft twelve thousand litres of this traditional beverage to delight festival attendees.

Marula festival in Phalaborwa hailed as a success 
King Monada


As the festivities reached their peak, the open-air music concert at Impala Park Stadium took centre stage, with a star-studded lineup that included popular acts like King Monada, Lloyiso, Pleasure tsa Manyalo, Pabi Cooper, Master KG, PHB Finest, Candy Tsa Mandebele, Penny Penny, Themba Nyathi, Daniel Brothers, Dr Winnie Mashaba, and more, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees. 

MEC Rodgers Monama’s poignant words underscored the festival’s deeper significance, it was a celebration of unity and shared humanity, where differences dissolve in the spirit of togetherness. The Limpopo Marula Festival stands not just as an event but as a beacon of community, culture, and economic progress, exemplifying the power of collective joy and collaboration.