Following demands of everything that he has ever bought for Gcinile Twala, Themba Selahle affectionately known as Grootman has allegedly leaked his sex tape of his ex-girlfriend.

X/Twitter users expressed their utter disappointment and called for Grootman’s arrest. They believed that he was the one who leaked the tape and claimed that his iCloud was hacked.

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Grootman and Gcinile’s relationship has been one of the ones which social media users deemed lavish for the past few years because of the kind of content they shared. They were the epitome of ‘Love Lives Here’ according to netizens; this was because of how they affectionately showed love to each other through their social media posts which included their vacations, shopping sprees, gifts to each other and outings to name a few.

Grootman leaks ex-girlfriend Gcinile Twala sex tape
Gcinile Twala and Grootman


Things went sour when they broke up and Gcinile moved on. Rumoured to be suffering from ADHD, Grootman took to his social media to troll his ex Gcinile. He demanded all the luxury items he’s bought for her. The items he demanded include Gucci sneakers and other clothing and weaves. Some equipment from Gcinile’s salon that he claims to have bought. He also gave her a time frame as to when all the items should be posted to him. 

The leaked sex tape came as a ‘not so shocking’ shock to most social media users. They believe he has a history of abusive behavioural patterns and they are calling for his arrest and for Gcinile to take legal action against him.