Premier of Limpopo Stanley Mathabatha and various church leaders led a day of prayer at Jack Botes Hall, Polokwane, ahead of the upcoming elections. 

Attendees who availed themselves for the service also include MEC for Transport and Community Safety, Florence Radzilani, as well as all church, political, and Provincial Government leaders.

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The significance of the ceremony was to pray for the incoming elections taking place on the 29th of May 2024. To ensure peace, stability, and harmony in our land. 

“As we mark our X on that ballot paper on the 29th, may God bring about leaders who will lead our country to justice and peace for every single citizen,” said Bishop Naledzani Sikhwari in her sermon. 

Limpopo holds day of prayer ahead of general elections 
Limpopo Premier Stanley Mathabatha


Premier Mathabatha revealed in his remarks that the South African Council of Churches prayed for the Limpopo province, and through those prayers, Limpopo has become a disclaimer of opinion-free province with good governance.

Therefore, with prayer, we will become a successful and just country post 29 May 2024. “Nothing beats prayer,” expressed Mathabatha. 

“In the same spirit of celebrating 30 years of Freedom and Democracy, citizens hope to live in a country that is safe, free from acts of violence, crime, and injustice.

“South Africa deserves to have a more reformed political culture that will cater to the needs of ordinary people of this nation. So, with these prayers, the masses have the assurance of things hoped for, that the country will change for the better post elections,” he said.