A female voter was threatened by three suspects after refusing to disclose the political party she would be voting for at Runnymede voting station at Xibukulwana Secondary School, Mopani in Limpopo.

Preliminary reports indicate that the female complainant arrived at the voting station to cast her vote. But she was approached by two women and a man. They asked her which political party she would be voting for.

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The complainant informed them she could not disclose since her vote was a secret. The suspects then threatened her that she should vote for a certain political party because if she didn’t she would be placing her life in danger. She laid a complaint to the Independent Electoral Commission [IEC] official and the police were notified.

Female voter threatened at Runnymede voting station
Voting Station in Limpopo


The suspects aged between 48 and 55 were swiftly apprehended for cases of intimidation and assault.

“These arrests are part of broader efforts to curb electoral violence and ensure public safety during the election period​,” said Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General  Thembi Hadebe. The trio will appear before Ritavi Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 30 May 2024.

Meanwhile, Limpopo IEC Provincial Electoral Officer Nkaro Mateta [Main Picture] has sent a strong warning to those who disrupt the elections. 

“We would like to emphasize as the electoral commission that anybody who dares to disrupt IEC work. Such a person is committing an offence. Nobody is allowed [to disrupt]. If you do not want to participate in the elections, please allow those who want to participate to do so. If you block other voters you are committing an offense,” she said.